The world comprises of 71 % water, the driving force of nature — the source of life! A collection of wind, water, greens, birds, natural reserves, walkways, ponds lakeside promenades, cabanas and homes — their interaction with each other is what makes your home a sanctity. This is Jiva for you. Derived from the name, Jivan, it is a one-of-a-kind-property that houses self-sustained ecosystems that enhances the quality of life.

The smell of earth after rain, chiming of winds, flutter of leaves and the quiet of water… Isn’t it true luxury? Nestled away in the quiet confines of Chingrighata, Jiva has a little over 43% of natural water bodies, about 11% greens, about 16% walkways and the rest are homes and exquisite amenities.

“Each of the five towers are paved with pathways to happiness and bonding.”

The noise, traffic and pollution are at a distance and driving home feels like a getaway. You may not be able to take your work home which means more family time. Intelligent design for optimum space, efficiency and luxury, compact common lobbies with ample light and ventilation are the greatest takeaway of this project. Utility balconies are open to inner courts. Living room and bedrooms face the exterior for ample wind and light. Corner 3 & 4 bedroom homes have a bespoke view of the promenade. The step out balcony feels private and each feature ripples into a rare feeling.